Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Week's A Blur

Strapless version of dress with the tie on skirt

Last week is a little bit of a blur now, but we got The Boy moved into his apartment, barely.  He got his accommodations form filled out at special student services by himself since it was closed by the time we  got his meal plan and books squared away.

We interviewed three different wedding florists and have picked one of them out.  We got the photographer booked.  I ordered the bridesmaid dresses, but when I went to order them, I found out that it would take 8 weeks to get the dresses in since it was a new Jim Hjelm design so I had to choose another dress.

I liked the detachable skirt idea so I asked the Bridesmaid shop if they had anything like the Jim Hjelm design that I could get in faster and they suggested this Pretty Maids design from the House of Wu.  It comes in fuschia.  We put it on rush order so it will be delivered by Sept. 10 and I could choose strapless, halter, regular straps, short tie on skirt or long tie on skirt.  I choose halter with long skirt.

One of the bridesmaid's preferred halter, but we couldn't find any halter designs until now.  Also, if she doesn't like the tie on skirt, she doesn't have to wear it.  And as you can see, there is no ruching so nobody is going to look "fat".  Except me because the dress I'm changing into for the reception has draping that is kind of like ruching.  I hope I am spelling ruching correctly.  It isn't coming up on spell check.

Halter neck dress without the skirt
Personally, I love the dress.  The Girl said she liked it.  I haven't heard from The Running Nazi, my other bridesmaid, but generally we like the same styles.

Now we have bands and DJ's to choose and I'm going with my mom this week to find something for her to wear.

I haven't heard from The Boy yet, but his classes start today.  We have to move the rest of his things down in a couple of weeks.  He wants his mountain bike since he's a little further from his classes this year.  He said he didn't want a television.  We had no room for it on the first trip and had planned to bring it to him the next trip.  It is very surprising that he doesn't want it because he sleeps with it on.  When he's here it never goes off even when we get on to him about leaving it on when he isn't using it.

Strange, but it might be a good thing for him not having a television on all the time.


  1. Not having a TV is a good thing.
    Lovely bridesmaid dress. I can picture the halter with detachable skirt. Your wedding is going to be glamorous and beautiful!

    1. Thanks Steph! I hope so. It will be a miracle if we manage to get everything done before the date!

  2. Your dresses sound rather fashionable, considering that I thought they were supposed to be unstylish. And it's good to hear that your making progress on your wedding planning.

    I'm also glad your son's transition went well and good for him not wanting a TV. A TV would only get in my way if I had one at college I think. Anyway, I hope things go well for all of you.

    1. Thanks Jim. I hope the Boy does as well this year as he did last year.

      Bridesmaid dresses have come a long way I think. We were actually looking for regular cocktail dresses at first but couldn't find one everybody liked.