Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding Invitations Picked Out And On Budget!

We finally ordered wedding invitations!  You would think this is easy, but I assure you it is not.  For one thing, if you remember these past blog posts Here and my all time favorite Here where I added photos of invitations I liked, you will understand the problem.

I wanted fancy, expensive wedding invitations fit for a movie star or well.... a princess.  Unfortunately, these types of invitations cost money.  LOTS of money.  For example, my favorite invitation is $55 dollars per invitation and prices can go up from there.  No wonder they are so wonderful!  

When the Running Nazi was pointing out what a budgeting dumb ass I was on that run a while back (this one, remember),  I made sure not to mention the cost of the invitations I liked or my "secret" wedding invitation budget.  Since we are having a small wedding and only ordering 75 invitations,  I figured we could spend a little more per invitation.  

My "secret" wedding invitation budget was $2,000 dollars.  Do the math and you can see that 75 invitations at $55 dollars is over $4,000 dollars.  That amount was even out of my "secret" wedding invitation budget.

The Murph was more vocal about his wedding invitation budget.  His was under $500 dollars.  This was a more acceptable amount for the Running Nazi as well, although she thought we could get invitations for under $200 if we weren't such spendy fools.

So, see the dilemma we were in when it came time to order invitations.  I'm trying to find fancy smancy $4,000 invites for under $2,000, the Murph wants invites for under $500 and it really doesn't matter what the Running Nazi thinks.  I never put her in charge of the budget and now I'm too scared of her to tell her how much we spend.  

So we walked in the store today and there were literally thousands of invitations to choose from, including William Arthur and Vera Wang.  They were hanging on the walls everywhere and there were tons of books to browse through.  We had some decisions to make.

So that's where this poor man comes into the picture.  Alan, the owner of Alan's Invitations, one of the most popular invitation shops in Birmingham.   We talked to him last year about invitations and got totally confused at the huge selection.  It was probably the Murph and my first argument, although the Murph said it wasn't really an argument, just a minor disagreement.  

Alan didn't remember us at all or at least he said he didn't.  A good thing for us he didn't remember us, he might have thrown us out of the shop right then.

I think Alan has a super human ability to block out unpleasant things and unpleasant would describe me and the Murph trying to decide on invitations.  He's been in retail for awhile.  I remember purchasing birthday invitations for the Boy here many, many years ago.  I don't think they do birthday invitations anymore. 

Alan had his job cut out for him today.  The Murph and I have different ways of communicating and making decisions.  All unpleasant.  The Murph had decided on an invitation within 5 minutes of entering the store.  While I thought that invitation was okay, it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  I thought it was kind of plain.  I wanted sparkle.  I wanted some bling bling.  I wanted tulle or ribbon or both.  And I wanted it to have at least a hint of fuchsia.  Fuchsia, not red, not burgundy.  Just that perfect shade of pink.

Not too much to ask you'd think, except for the fact that this invitation doesn't exist unless you're willing to spend mega bucks.  Being practical like the Running Nazi, the Murph said, "Why spend a lot of money on something people just throw away?"

Love the funky chandelier!

After a couple of hours where I satisfied myself that I wasn't going to find any bling in our wedding invitation budget, I decided on shiny vintage gold invitations with a satin ribbon.  We customized the entire thing and added a hint of fuchia to the inside border and ink and the envelope flap.  Then we picked out fonts.  Millions of fonts.

I wanted our names in cursive, the Murph didn't like flowing, curly girly letters.  Alan came to the rescue by finding a cursive font that wasn't too frilly for the Murph, who was already declaring the fact that he was going to have to turn in his man card.  

Below is a close sample to what we chose.  All by William Arthur.

Alan probably needed some Valium by the time we left.  Although I was the worst, most indecisive one, Alan told me I had my hands full with the Murph.

 I know I do, but...

Alan's been in the wedding invitation business long enough to know better than to tell a man in front of his fiance that he has HIS hands full.  Even though I know the Murph has his hands full with me too, it's more fun to say the Murph is a handful.

The Murph with his checking account a little bit lighter.

But think of how much money we saved.  My secret budget was $2,000.  The Murph's budget was $500.  The actual wedding invitation cost for 75 invitations was $850.  We saved over $1,000 dollars!!

Go me!!


  1. Yay!
    One more thing crossed off the list.
    I would've never guessed gold for you but it will be so pretty with that touch of fuschia.

    1. Well I wasn't the only one making decisions and it was about as "shiny and sparkly" as I was going to get and it didn't come in silver. Gold does go well with pink. Our wedding colors are going to be gold, blush pink and fuchsia. I think it's going to look great.

  2. Good job on saving a lot of money. Now you can put that extra money towards your honeymoon or something like that. And I had no idea that invitations were so much money. I guess it's good that you only needed 75 and not 400.

    1. They are more expensive the more you customize. I think we are only going to need 50 invitations though so that will save more money. I don't think the Murph thinks we were saving any money!