Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In Search of Mother of the Bride Attire with my Mom

Bridesmaid dresses have been picked out and ordered so yesterday was all about the mother of the bride dress.  I picked up my mom at her house yesterday and we went shopping.  Our second stop was a bridal shop in Birmingham, AL called The White Room.  I went there over a year ago to look at wedding dresses, but ended up purchasing my dresses in Charleston, SC.

The White Room does have beautiful dresses from many of the top designers.   They also carry mother of the bride dresses which was our goal yesterday.  After trying on several different styles, my mom decided on this one by Kay Unger.  I think it is beautiful and she looks great in it.

She also tried on several at David's Bridal and they had a good selection, but ultimately this was the one she liked best.  It has a jacket that goes with it.  The jacket is important because it is August here in the south and she was freezing whenever we went inside any store.  Even I wasn't that cold and I get very cold in air conditioned buildings.  I told her she should get her iron levels checked.

Anyway, the jacket is tweed so she will be very warm at the wedding if she wears it.  We were unsuccessful at finding shoes.  She likes low heels and it seems like all the shoes were flat or very high heel.  I love high heels, but that is not going to work for her.  We plan to look again tomorrow.

Cadence obviously approves this style.  My mom said I should give him treats.  I say he needs a spanking for chasing Ed under the couch!

My mom is such a good sport.  Not once did she point out that I should just go to the courthouse and get married since this was not my first rodeo and the first wedding was big with dresses, flowers, receptions, rehearsal dinner stuff and everything.  I'm sure she remembers that bill.

Well, maybe once she told the girl at The White Room that she wished I would just elope.  She laughed when she said it though.  My brother and his wife just went to the courthouse to get married and they've been married forever.  They were easy.  I have always been the difficult one.

I'm also a terrible romantic, but having a small wedding with our closest friends and family is actually the Murph's idea.  I agree 100% though!  This may not be our first wedding, but it will be our last. The Murph and I feel the same way about that.

Tomorrow it's wedding cake tasting time and my mom turns....   "29".  She probably wouldn't like it if I posted her real age out here, but let's just say she is starting a new decade so this is a very important birthday!  We were going to give her a big surprise birthday bash, but she found out and vetoed it so we are taking her out for a special birthday dinner Saturday and tomorrow more shopping for her and cake tasting with me.

I am really glad she agreed to go with me to the cake appointment.  The Murph is totally uninterested in cake!  He doesn't even know why we need one.  I told him I really don't know why either, but you just do.  You have to have some kind of cake.  There would be a riot among every guest over 40 without cake!


  1. It's good to hear that you have a real helper in all of your planning. And weddings are special even if it's not your first. I say that, but my wife and I aren't married like that, but our love is still the same.

    I'm glad to hear that you're making real progress Kristy. But honestly, who doesn't like cake?

    1. I like to see some progress. It takes some of the stress off. Seriously though, we just want a small intimate, but fun wedding with our closest family and friends. Everything will be okay no matter what because I am marrying my best friend and soul mate.

  2. Cake is a MUST. Or cupcakes.
    Your mother's dress is totally gorgeous. Phantom looks very interested in it.
    Happy new decade to your mom!