Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Bridesmaid Is M.I.A - Update

Jim Hjelm Fall 2012 Collection
 I finally have a bridesmaid dress picked out.  It has The Girl's approval.  I haven't heard from my other bridesmaid, The Running Nazi, but I think she will like it too.  Unfortunately, The Running Nazi is missing in action.  I haven't heard from her since July 27, according to our last exchange of emails.  I was at the beach, she texted me about doing a long run, but I couldn't do a long run with her that weekend since I was out of town.

We were suppose to do a long run last Sunday, but she never responded to my message.

I called and left a message on her cell phone yesterday at 1 pm.  No response.  I emailed a link to the dress to her last night.  No response.  This morning I sent her another email which goes directly to her cell phone.  In this message I included, "Please respond because I am very worried about you!"

If this was The Boy not responding to me like he did a few times last year while at college, I would add, "If I don't get a response within the hour, I am calling the police.  They will be knocking at your dorm room door."  This always works with The Boy, but since The Running Nazi is an adult and not my child, I'm not sure what to do.

The Running Nazi is very busy working almost 24/7 in her new job so maybe she is busy and doesn't have time to respond.  I think if something was seriously wrong, her husband would respond to my texts and/or emails.  Don't you think?

I also know she can't be mad at me because of the blog posts about her because I've told her about some of them and she never gets on my blog and reads them.  I don't think she even remembers how to get on my blog.  She doesn't even remember her Facebook password and how to get on Facebook.  She is too busy for that time wasting stuff and could care less about it.

I'm not that busy except when I'm working out, so I'm on it everyday.

As for the bridesmaid dress,  it is part of the Jim Hjelm Fall 2012 collection.  I like the dress in the color, azalea.  Azalea is a darker pink that I think will look great for a Fall wedding.  Azalea is very close to the berry color that is on the wedding invitations.  It will have to be special ordered since it is part of the Fall 2012 collection and isn't in stores yet.  Rush order since the wedding is in October.

I hope The Running Nazi likes it.  Once I find her, I will know if she does or not....

I am very worried about her!

UPDATE ON THE RUNNING NAZI'S WHEREABOUTS:  The Running Nazi has been found!  She finally returned my call yesterday evening as she was heading to her hotel somewhere in LA.  That's Lower Alabama, not that other LA out in California.   She explained that she has been really busy working almost non-stop and hasn't been able to run or work out at all.  Also, her cell phone doesn't have very good signal in some of those LA towns.  She also said something about a fish camp.  (shivers!)  

Overall, she's sort of fine, but sort of not, but at least she's okay.   She said she would look at the pictures of the dress when she got to her hotel.  We lost signal before we could officially end the conversation and I haven't heard from her since then, but she was going to have a busy day today in LA.


  1. The dresses look great Kristy. And I'm sure your bridesmaid will come through. I think her husband would contact you if something was wrong. And I always thought that bridesmaid dresses were supposed to be ugly? But what do I know. I'm only a guy.

    1. Thanks Jim. She still hasn't responded which is sort of like her during the week but never the weekend when we have a run planned. She's pretty consistent about her long runs. I am very worried and hope she's okay.

      We definitely don't want any ugly bridesmaid dresses! Some can be ugly, but they have gotten so much nicer since my last go around in the eighties.

  2. very pretty dresses! i hope shes ok


    1. Thanks! She finally called and is fine. xoxo

  3. I'm sure you would've heard from her husband if something was wrong but still..I'd be worried, too.
    Well done on the bridesmaid dresses, especially the color. It will be gorgeous for a fall wedding, and will compliment your dress(es!)

    1. That's what I thought too. Besides her sales people would miss her if she didn't show up. I love the darker pink color. It's close to fuchsia but a little darker for fall.

  4. My guess is The Running Nazi will resurface soon. Love your Bridesmaid pick. The dresses are really light and frothy looking . . .

    oxoxoxo from San Francisco

    1. Thanks Amy! I wish I had found your blog before I purchased my wedding dresses. I love all your styles. Maybe you could help me decide on hair and jewelry ideas. I'm not doing a long veil or anything but I want to do something.

  5. if she ate at the Fish Camp at LA the food is delicious! nothing like fresh fried shrimp po-boy!

    1. The fish camp she was at was not a restaurant. It was literally a camp, where you fish. Her manager took her entire group there for a weekend of bonding. And she was warned before going on her morning run to watch out for alligators. She even showed me how she had planned to run if she came up on gator - zigzag. This is to confuse the gator since she probably couldn't out run it.

      I love fried shrimp po-boys!