Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Day With The Boy

The Boy and I finally got the chance to eat breakfast together yesterday.  We had planned to do it ever since he's been home from college, but our schedules (mainly his backward sleep schedule) got in the way.  He's also very bored and wanted to get out of the house so bad that he actually wanted to go with me when I went to my doctor appointment.  Since it was only a follow up appointment with the pulmonary doctor that had switched some of my asthma meds, I knew wouldn't take long, so I let him go with me.

On the way back home, we had to cross over the Cahaba River.  The river was really full and flowing strong after all the rain and there was some fog over it that looked really creepy and kind of cool so we stopped to check it out and take some pictures.  It was very muddy, which didn't matter much to me because I had on heavy rain boots, but the Boy had to be a little more creative avoiding the muddy puddles when he walked down the steep path.  He wouldn't let me take any pictures of him though.

Cahaba River - Mountain Brook, AL

Cahaba River

Cahaba River -Mountain Brook 

Cahaba River - Mountain Brook

Dress:  Velvet,  Rain Boots:  Michael Kors,  Cardigan:  Juicy Couture,  Scarf:  Portolano

I left the Boy in the waiting room when I went back to see the doctor.  I wasn't gone long and there was only one lady waiting in the waiting room when I left.  She was all the way on the other side, far away from the Boy.  When I came back out, the waiting room was full with an eighty year old couple sitting right across from the Boy staring at him and smiling and some other elderly women on either side of him.

He was sitting with his head hung down so far it almost touched his lap.  He didn't even look up at me when I came out.  Everybody else in the waiting room looked at me as I attempted to get the Boy's attention.  He was in shut down mode with too many strangers too close to him.  I wonder if any of them had tried to talk to him.  After assessing the situation, I reached my hand toward the Boy and snapped a couple of time and he jerked his head up. 

Poor boy!  He was ready to get out of there.  All eyes were on us as we left.  I need to teach him to pick up a magazine and pretend he's reading it when strangers get too close in the waiting room.  He would talk to them if they mentioned anything regarding computers, but then they would be stuck because he would go on and on about it.  

I saw him do the same thing when we were leaving his doctor appointment last week.  As Dr. W and I were talking and I was paying the bill at the receptionist window,  I looked around and the Boy was all the way on the other end of the waiting room near the door because there was a couple waiting on the other side near the receptionist where I was.  The couple was looking at the Boy and smiling.  It looked like he just wanted to crawl in the wall and hide.   I'm thinking it's time to work on some social skills again.  I wish there was something available for students on the spectrum at his college.  A few years from now there probably will be, but now there's nothing.  

After taking pictures of the river, the Boy and I headed to one of our favorite places.  Starbucks!  Vanilla Bean Frappuccino for the Boy and Coffee Frappuccino for me.

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
Today we take the Boy back to college.  I'm going to miss him!

He did his own laundry with a little (okay ALOT) of encouragement.  He's a great folder.  I need him to fold my laundry because he does much better than I do.


  1. I'll bet he folds better than I do, too.
    The river looks rough and cold. I like the fog.
    Good luck to The Boy for back to school!

    1. He folds much better than me too! I don't know how cold the water was but it was humid and kind of warm here. I got way to hot wearing that scarf.