Monday, January 7, 2013

Roll Tide! With Only 1 Exclamation Point Because I'm Trying Not to Be Obnoxious

This is not a real post, but just wanted to say way to go Alabama!!  National Champions!  I'm really proud to be an alumni.  Sorry for the Murph who was rooting for the fighting Irish.  He felt he had to root for them since he's Irish and Catholic and all.

I will say I have absolutely avoided getting on Facebook the past 4 hours because 90% of my feed was probably a run down of the entire game, play by play with lots of exclamation points and Rollllll Tide and crap.   It can get rather obnoxious.

Ed agrees!  He knows which team to root for and he looks really cute doing it too.  Final score 42-14.

Way to go Bama!


Correction!  I was wrong.  I just ventured onto Facebook and I found that I was wrong.  90% of my feed is not about the game and Alabama's win.  It's more like 100% of my feed!  The game has been over for at least 45 minutes, but the fans are still going strong.  Apparently, there's even a line at Academy Sports for the new Championship t-shirts.  You can't get more obnoxious than some of these posts.  Even my mom is in on the Facebook action.  Isn't this past her bedtime?

The new t-shirt design that everyone is waiting in line for at Academy Sports... maybe.... only with the final score, of course.

One More Update!

This is the last update, I promise!  On Facebook this morning the Bama fans are still going strong.  I wonder if they got any sleep last night.   A few of my Facebook friends shared this photo from James Spann, our local weather guy.  He not only warns us when tornadoes are approaching so we can take cover, but he also shows us where to stand in line to get the latest National Championship t-shirts.  He's a multi-purpose kind of guy!

I wasn't joking.  See the line!

There's a lot of happy people in Alabama right now.  I may have to stay off Facebook for the rest of the week!


  1. You live in FL and went to Alabama. I live in Alabama and went to Florida State.

    Go figure.

  2. Or are you in Gulf Shores? I always think Pensacola when I see your beach photos. Hmmm.

    1. Actually according to drivers license and car tags, we live in Alabama. Birmingham is where I'm from. We have a condo in Pensacola Beach and "live" down there sometimes too and have been trying to find jobs down there and more there permanently. So actually I live in Alabama and went to Alabama. Wish I was in Florida now though....