Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trouble With Mr. Frosty And My Favorite Rain Boots

Dress:  Free People,  Rain Boots:  Michael Kors,  Scarf:  Portolano,  Nails:  OPI You Only Live Twice, Lips:  Mac Impassioned,  Bracelet:  David Yurman

I don't like all the rain and general cloudy dreariness, but at least it isn't cold.  I've probably said that a million times the last couple of day.  I also love the excuse to wear my rain boots.  I purchased these almost three years ago and I'm still loving them.  The scarf too!

Most of the Christmas decorations are down, but Mr. Frosty is still hanging out in the yard.  A couple of days ago he was right outside the door to the Boy's "apartment".

Then today he was looking in the Boy's window.  The Boy's going to be really "surprised" when he opens his blinds.  (and the Murph wonders why the Boy has issues!)

I took the wreath off the front door and before I could pack it away properly, Phantom took over and claimed it for his napping spot.  Also, it 's a strategic location to lunge out at the other two cats when they happen to walk by.

Phantom's crafty like that.

We got this as a wedding gift and the Murph's already claimed it as his.

I changed my nails back to OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark.  I really do like it better than red, but I can do red temporarily for the holidays.  Especially if it's sparkly red like OPI's You Only Live Twice.

Phantom was ready for dinner and he knows where the food is located.  Look at how intently he is looking toward the food cabinet.

Ed was in on it too.  He's ready to eat, but waiting patiently from a safe distance.

Phantom's looking at me like "okay, okay, your nail color is just great and now you have enough pictures and everything, so would you just please FEED US ALREADY!!"  (those other plates were from breakfast).

Cute but demanding!


  1. That Phantom seems like a real predator to me. And him liking your wreath is a good reason to have it out all year. It's been raining hard here too, but up here in Canada, rain in January is pretty good. Otherwise we'd have 2feet of snow.

    1. I've already had to make sure the wreath got properly packed away after Ed and I were "attacked" by it. It rarely snows here. I like it when it does.

  2. Phantom lurking in the Christmas wreath... And Mr. Frosty, what do about about him... Cheeky buggers, both of them!
    LPAD nail color suits you very well.

    1. We have a lot of cheeky buggers in this house! xoxo