Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Wrecking Ball Strikes Again!

photo from kwicsys.com

Well, I've done it folks!   I've single-handedly ended the Murph's seven year wellness streak.  Yes folks, for seven years the Murph has not had one single illness.  Not viral nor bacterial or anything in between.  He has been the epitome of health and wellness.  Until I came along with my filthy little germs and ruined it for him.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I got the flu shot, just to be "on the safe side."  Since I have asthma and the flu virus is so prevalent this year, I didn't want to take the chance of getting the flu, so I got the shot.  I usually never get the flu shot.  If I had told the Murph beforehand that I was going to get the shot, then he would probably have talked me out of it.  He's sort of anti-flu shot.  Maybe this is the very reason I didn't inform him of my intentions until after the fact.

Me:  "Oh by the way, I got the flu shot today.  You should too!  Flu's BAD this year!"

I know the flu shot didn't give me the flu.  Of course not, that's impossible!  My theory is this:  I got the flu shot.  My immune system was so busy building up antibodies to the flu virus that it didn't have time to respond fast enough to a random cold virus that invaded my worn down body.  Worn down because I had just finished running a half marathon in a strange city with strange and different viruses lurking around every corner that my body wasn't use too.

In other words, I got a cold.  Sore throat, sniffles, aches, general stuffiness, coughing, mucus, etc.  Then, since I'm such a generous person, I shared this cold virus with the Murph, who hasn't been sick in 7 years.  Not to mention that he's also very proud of the fact that he hasn't been sick in 7 years.

Yes, believe me when I tell you, I know the exact date and time of this sickness that occurred 7 years ago and every detail thereof.  I've also been warned that the "sick" Murph is not a pretty sight.  It's gonna get ugly from here on out unless of course, his super human immune system can kick this virus's butt.

I, in the mean time, had my annual ob/gyn appointment today and in between the poking and prodding, getting dressed and undressed, managed to get a prescription for some steroids and antibiotics for my illness so I should be good as new soon.  I did try to get a shot, but they didn't have any steroid shots (or those 3 in 1 shots that the Babysitter told me I should ask for) available so I was out of luck.  At least I tried.

The Murph went to the drug store and loaded up on cold meds and kleenex.  He will probably thank me tonight when I grease up again with my Vick's Vapor Rub.  I'll have all three of us breathing easier in no time - me, The Murph and my snuggle kitty, Cadence (who has also been sneezing).

Hey,  I don't get called the Wrecking Ball for nothing!  I hope for all our sakes that the Murph gets better soon.

The Wrecking Ball strikes again!


  1. I see you have a weirdo spammer (see Anonymous above).. :(
    Hope your house is sick-free soon!

    1. I get those spam things all the time now that I took the captcha thing off my blog comments. I don't know how that one avoided the spam folder. That's where most of them end up.

  2. I keep forgetting you have Asthma but it really flares with illness. I don't get just ordinary colds anymore because of my COPD--I get full-fledged pnemonia. Hope your true love recovers . . .

    1. THat usually happens to me too. Luckily, this time seems to be better. My dr switched me from Advair to Qvar and I like it so much better. Also, my breathing test a couple of months ago turned out better than the one 5 years ago so I my lungs are improved. I'm still coughing from this past cold, but it's not as bad as it had been in the past.