Monday, January 21, 2013

Ironman Triathlon Motivation

I'm sharing these because I've been sick the past week and my training has been really kind of sucky.  I mean, not just the usual sucky, but really, really sucky.   I did my first real, non-treadmill run today since the race the Sunday before last and I'm feeling very weak.

Luckily, I have plenty of inspiration out there on the Internet to keep me going.  I did have to laugh at myself today as I was thinking about signing up for a 500 mile bike race that is in April.  I mean, REALLY!!

I think I better concentrate on getting well and then actually getting on my bike and riding for an hour first.  Doing a century ride would be next since I haven't done one in two years.

Where do I get these crazy ideas??  And make them STOP!!


  1. The flu has affected your cognition. 500 miles?! Kristy: no.
    Get some Emergen-C if you haven't already. It may help you get well faster. If not, you'll certainly feel somewhat better. xo

    1. Oh I thought you would ride 500 miles with me. LOL Seriously, the race is a qualifier for RAAM - Race across America. I really want to do that one day.