Friday, January 4, 2013

Just Hanging Around The House Cause It's Too Cold - Fashion Friday

I don't handle cold weather very well and the past two weeks have been miserable for me.  I'm tired of Winter and ready for it to be Summer again.  Really.  I can't take any more of it!

 Phantom has the best idea.  Find the sunniest spot in the house to nap and refuse to move until the sun moves to another spot.  Then move to that spot.  The cats know where all the sunniest napping spots in the house are.  I'm following them!

Jeans:  True Religion (old);  Black Tank: Express (old);  White Shirt:  Abercrombie and Fitch (old);  Scarf:  Portolano (old);  Necklace (old);  Leather jacket (old);  Shoes: Carlos 

With all these "old" items I'm wearing in these pictures, I think it might be time to go shopping!  It's been all wedding planning for months and now that that is behind me I can focus on other things like shopping, getting back into the pool and getting in some 50 mile bike rides.  I'm newly motivated and ready!

While we were briefly outside, we caught a rare glimpse of the Boy leaving with a friend.  He went out his "apartment" door to avoid going through the main part of the house and having to talk to us.  It's still daylight outside and therefore kind of early for him to make an appearance.  I would like to take him to breakfast or lunch before he goes back to school, but he's usually asleep during those normal times. 

 He went to his dad's for dinner last night and I forgot to set the alarm so it wouldn't go off automatically when he came in the door.  He wasn't too happy when he came in and the alarm went off.  We weren't too happy that he was so late coming home and woke us up by setting the alarm off.  It's been an adjustment for all of us.  Scheduling anything is tough with vampire boy around.  We'll probably get it right just as it's time for him to go back to school.

This was our New Year's Day dinner.  Black eyed peas for luck, cabbage instead of the usual greens (not sure why you're suppose to eat greens on New Years) and the Murph made a stuffed pork roast using a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten's cookbook.   I thought it was delicious, but the Boy didn't like it that much.

I went online and discovered that the beach condo was rented out all of January and February so looks like no beach trips for us until March.   I'm not going to be able to do the Pensacola Beach Half Marathon this year since we won't be down there.  I did find another one to sign up for in January and one in February too.  I haven't signed up for a marathon yet, but am considering the Little Rock Marathon in March.   I wish I could find an April one that's close instead of the March one.  That would give me more time to train.  March may be a little too soon.  I had a really fun holiday and need more time to recover from it.

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  1. We are having a few days of winter (50s) down here and I love it. I've been hibernating, drinking tea and hot cocoa - and getting organized, with it being a new year and all.
    Pretty ensemble and the food looks tasty. Good luck with vampire boy.