Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Packing Up The Christmas Decorations

Well, it's finally here.  The day I have been dreading, but knew it would come.  Time to take down all the Christmas decorations and pack them away.  It's been really great and super festive having all five trees up and all the other Christmasy stuff all over the house, but what a job to get it all down!  The cats are really going to miss them too.  Their new favorite spots to hang out were under those trees.  I think they have been nibbling on some of them too because we've found Christmas tree looking green things intermingled with some hair balls in the dining room.   At least they are too old to try to climb the trees and knock the ornaments off.  I went through a couple of years of that with Phantom and Cadence.  I would decorate the tree and the next morning ornaments would be everywhere except on the tree.  After a few nights of this I just gave up and left the ornament on the floor for them to play with.   It was no fun for them after that.

The house is covered in fake pine needles, snow glitter, cat fur and dust balls.  Taking down the trees was only a start.  Now it's time to start cleaning.  The cats weren't as happy with the tree going down as they were with the trees going up.  I know how they feel.  I like the less cluttered look in the house now though.  The Boy hasn't even noticed anything different around the house.  Lately, we only see him when he's hungry.

Tomorrow I am tackling the outside decorations.  It's time to get on with the new year.   I don't think I will put as many trees up next year either.
Tree's gone, but Ed and Boo's favorite chair is back.

Christmas Decorations all packed up.

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  1. one tree is enough work for me. of course, since we were traveling this holiday, we had no tree. we admired other people's trees. no hassle, no work!
    i really liked your too-tall tree, the one that i said had "issues", or something like that.