Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Mattress Adventure

No, the mattress adventure is nothing rated X or anything.  (maybe rated PG-13 for the drama)  Sorry!  The mattress adventure started today when Macy's delivered our new mattress and box springs and took away our old ones.  Anybody who has cats and are familiar with where they like to hide should know where this story's going.

We have needed a new mattress for some time now.  When I moved in with the Murph, we decided to use my bedroom furniture which has a king size bed instead of his queen size one.  The mattress was so old I don't even remember when it was bought and for some reason I'm thinking it might have been a hand me down mattress from my exe's parents back when I was married.  This could mean the mattress was for sure older than 10 years old and could possibly even be 20 years old, but I'd like to think it wasn't that old.  However old it might be, one thing I do know is that it was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever slept on in my life, including air mattress and tent floors back in the camping days when I was much younger.

When the Murph and I were in Hawaii last June, we stayed at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui and decided the mattress on the bed in our hotel room was heavenly.   Before we left, we took the sheets off to discover what kind of mattress it was so we could purchase one just like it when we got back home.  Sterne's and Foster pillow top plush.  We made a pact that when we got home we were going to order one.  Once home, however, we had a couple of unplanned expenses and so we put off the purchase until a couple of weeks ago.  My back was starting to protest the old mattress and I swear I would lie awake sleepless at night and occasionally hear a ping ping noise coming from deep in the box spring.  I think the springs were slowly collapsing.   Or maybe it was one of the cats crawling around up in the box spring.  It was Cadence's favorite hiding spot.

Easy to find Boo

So today, when the doorbell rang, all four cats scatter to their favorite hiding spots.  I knew right away where Boo and Phantom were.  They are just too large to crawl into very small spaces and so are easily found.  I didn't really think about Cadence being up inside the box springs because I thought he would be scared when the delivery men walked into the bedroom.  The delivery guys wrapped the old mattress and box springs in plastic and put them in the back of the truck.  I was checking out the new mattress (rolling around on it to be exact) when it suddenly hit me.  Where was Cadence??  I checked his other hiding places quickly and he wasn't there.  Terrified, I ran outside to the delivery guys who luckily hadn't left yet and told them I thought my cat might be in the truck inside the box springs.  The guys looked at me like I was nuts, but one of them went back inside the truck and felt around the outside of the box springs, shook them and said he didn't think the cat was there.  He said he thought he would've been able to tell if there was a cat inside.  I was doubtful, but took his word for it.  There wasn't much I could do.

Don't know what I'm going to do with little Cadence!
I went back inside the house as they left to head back to Atlanta and began searching for Cadence.  I spent the next hour pretty much on my hands and knees crawling around looking under all the furniture and feeling up inside the springs of all our couches and chairs upstairs in Ed and Boo's area and downstairs in The Boy's area and every place in between.  I even went outside calling and looking around just in case he was in the box spring and jumped out as they were carrying it outside.  Eventually, Ed, Boo and Phantom were all accounted for, but still no Cadence.   I called the delivery guys and left a message to please check the box springs again and pull the material off the back this time so that they could see up inside the frame.

Finally, when I was in total stressed out panic, covered in dust, kitty fur and god knows what else, who appears at my feet, but little Cadence.  I have no idea where he had hidden himself, but was so glad to see him I couldn't  reprimand him for ignoring my pleading calls.

And all this time I thought it was just The Boy taking years off my life!
Cadence making sure it's safe to come out

Maybe not safe, heading back under cover!
Phantom slowly coming back out
Traumatic day for me and all the cats!

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  1. i know that was scary! (i also know the panicky feeling of a pet actually disappearing a few times. doxy, i'm looking at you...fortunately it hasn't happened in a while.)
    cadence looks so scared but i have a hard time feeling sorry for him.
    i like the glowing "evil" cat-eyes, second from last pic.