Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Tea - Gotta Have It

My fav sweet tea

Ken and I usually do our grocery shopping on Friday or Saturday, but I'm already out of sweet tea which I have to have, so we went to the store today after our walk.  Ken doesn't really appreciate sweet tea and thinks I shouldn't drink it.  He thinks I am too obsessed with it and it's almost like a drug that makes me way to hyper for him to handle.  Ha! Ha!   He doesn't even recognize his refrigerator and pantry since I moved in.  His diet was way healthier than mine.  His idea of flax seed is this....ground up and added to his morning smoothie....

Mine is this...  right after I've had a couple of handfuls of chips and always accompanied by a glass of sweet tea in the largest glass I can find...

I go from eating something salty such as pretzels, crackers and potato chips, right to something sweet, usually cookies.  This amuses him.  Salty, sweet, salty, sweet.  This process goes on for most of the day.  Ken always has a grocery list when he goes to the store and he use to tell me to "just add what I wanted/needed to the list."  This didn't work for me because I don't know what I want or need until I get to the store.  It's usually Cape Cod Chips, some sort of cookies, crackers, cheese, bananas, power bars, fitness water, etc.  I have my favorite brands and I usually stick with them.  Now he just lists my stuff under "Barbie's (insert my real name here) Crap".

My crap includes, but isn't limited to some of these items....

Whenever Ken starts up on me about the sweet tea drinking, I come back on him about his beer drinking.  Ken's "crap" always includes these items....brands vary, but never, ever include Budweiser, Miller and most of the other domestic beers.  He's kind of a beer snob....

It's been over a year now and I'm still a sweet tea drinking, cookie eating Southern Gal and he's still my "piss drunk Irishman". ( I heard that expression once and thought it was funny so I use it on Ken since he's Irish even if he's not usually piss drunk.)   I told him if he wants me to give up my sweet tea then he's going to have to give up his beer.  I think I can safely say I'll be drinking sweet tea for a long, long time.


  1. i think i am an anomaly when i'm in the deep south. i like my tea unsweetened. when i order it in a restaurant, i usually get this reply: "ok, i'll bring you some splenda". what?! i don't eat faux sugar! apparently most southerners can't relate to unsweetened tea. i must be a freak. ;)

    lately i have been very bad with the junk food - which is to say i am eating about 2-3 cookies every day. damn girl school cookies!

  2. You are an anomaly! Must've been all that time you spent on the rock. I use splenda in coffee. I thought it was from a natural substance. Oh well... guess I'm wrong.

    If I had girl scout cookies i wouldn't be able to stop with just 2 or 3. I'd eat the entire box!

  3. splenda is derived from sugar, i believe...but the chemical composition is altered so, that it is no longer natural. i've heard it isn't good for you, but a lot of things aren't! (personally, i just don't like the taste.)

    girl scout cookies aren't nearly as good as they used to be, so you aren't missing much. the thin mints don't have a lot of flavor anymore, in my opinion. disappointing! and yet i eat them...because they're there. haha