Friday, January 20, 2012

Ed And Boo And The Antique Chair

Ed and Boo (Ken's cats) are the sweetest cats of the bunch.  The other two cats (mine) are little rascals.  When I moved in with my cats and all my furniture, Ken wanted to give this antique chair to charity.  We couldn't find any of our friends or family who would take it.  After seeing these two kitties always hanging out on this chair, their favorite, I refuse to give it away.

 Ken says, "It has to go!"

I say, "No!"

The chair and these cats have endeared themselves to me.  Besides the chair is my favorite color.  Pink!


  1. Ooooooooooh how cute...
    They love pink too...

  2. i say keep the chair and update it. antiques are great for that! maybe a leopard print, which goes with everything. and if the legs show, paint them metallic gold or black. yeah!
    the kitties are too cute!