Friday, January 27, 2012

Mood Indigo - Atlanta

Fox Theater 
The past couple of days, Ken and I have been in Atlanta to attend a seminar and to look around at real estate.   Atlanta is a city on our short list of places we'd like to move since there's a good possibility of finding jobs there.  The reason we went to Atlanta, however, was to attend a seminar on a franchise we are interested in starting up together near the coast.  There are three franchise opportunities we are looking into opening, not in Atlanta, but down near the coast.  If we move to Atlanta, it will only be for a job, not to start a franchise.  The franchise idea came up because we both want to move to the coast, but there's not a lot of job opportunities down there.  Surprise!   Starting a franchise would probably be our only option if we want to be able to earn a living down there.

We have narrowed our list of cities we are considering moving to down to about five, one is to just stay where we are for 5 to 10 more years and get a job or open a franchise of some sort here.   Only my mom likes that option.  Ken and I are ready to move somewhere different.  Sorry mom!

We always try to pack lightly...
We were in Atlanta two nights, with one night at a hotel near the airport for the seminar.  The other night we stayed at a really cool, but sort of small, hotel in Midtown Atlanta called Hotel Indigo.  My first impression was that I had somehow become trapped inside a Pottery Barn catalog.  We had a huge mural on the wall behind our bed that looked like a giant knit sweater or blanket.   I felt that at any moment it was about to fall off the wall and smother us.  The floor was imitation hardwood instead of carpet.  That was different.   The hotel is in a building built in the 1920's or 30's.  Guess that's explains the small room.
Cozy room, very comfy bed
Weird "sweater" mural behind bed

Reminds me of something you would find in a seaside cottage

Very Beachy

The lobby, bar area and sitting areas were really cool.  I loved the pink accents and especially the pink chairs and chandeliers.  The walls were cool too.  The hotel is right across the street from the Fox Theatre and so the hotel walls in the lobby area had a movie ticket, movie type theme.  Really cool.  For extra safety they even had a "guard dog" patrolling the area.  A cute little Jack Russell terrier.
Love the Chandeliers

Love the colors and the walls in this area.

Love this pink chair!

The bathroom was way to small for us though.  We need room to spread out, especially me, but Ken needs his privacy too.  Also, whenever one of us flushed the commode it made a really loud noise at the end that sounded like a cruise ship horn blowing.  We kept thinking we were heading out to sea.  This really amused me for a while and I kept flushing the commode just to hear the noise.  I'm easily amused.
Beware!  Flush at your own risk.....


  1. that pink is marvelous!
    blue sweater mural....weird. y'all should visit south beach and stay in one of those amazing art deco hotels. you would flip over the decor. the rooms aren't big, however. but sooo worth it. the hotel bars are fabulous.
    is charleston on your "places to live" list? it should be. ;)

  2. No, Charleston isn't on the list. That could change though if we rule out one of the other places.

  3. still not on the list? it needs to be. ;) as for charleston's job market, that could be an issue...unless you did the franchise from there; then you could live on one of the islands! you'd not only be a beach girl, you'd be an island girl. ;)

  4. We love Charleston, but the job situation there is the reason we aren't considering there. We know we can find jobs in Atlanta. Our top choice is the coast. If we open a franchise, we will open it there. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can do it!

  5. i know you can do it! it's just a matter of timing, mostly.
    totally understand about charleston. it's the reason we aren't there now.