Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Visit To The Jersey Shore

The Murph and I have been in New Jersey since Sunday.  We had to fly up suddenly to attend a funeral.  This is the first time I have been able to get on my laptop to post anything.  Doing it from a cell phone is impossible for me.  I even started having strange dreams last night that I was attending a baby shower for my blogger friend's brother (go figure!).  It was really strange because there were several other bloggers there that I follow.  They all had very creative, artsy baby gifts.

 I told the Murph about my dream this morning and he said we better find a wifi spot  before I lose my mind.  So now we are at Dunkin Donuts drinking coffee, munching on assorted muffins and donuts and blogging.

As I came strolling in pulling my computer bag some old guy looked at the Murph and asked "where's she going?  I take less than that when I go to Florida."

My computer bag's not THAT big.

The gym where the Murph works out when he comes to NJ to visit his dad was very nice to us and let us have a discount on our gym membership for the week since we were here for a funeral.   We've worked out every day since we've been here.  

Yesterday our workout was later than usual because of the funeral.  It really helps when we can keep our regular exercise schedule.  Otherwise, we get fat and sluggish and that's no fun.  

This gym in Toms River, NJ is a really cool gym. They have a little bit of everything.

I don't think I will ever get use to the sea gulls flying around everywhere here in Tom's River. The ocean isn't that far away, but for a southern girl like me who is use to the gulf coast, whenever I see a sea gull, it's tropical hot and humid and palm trees are everywhere.  

There are no palm trees or any of the other things I'm use to at the gulf coast here in New Jersey to remind you that the ocean is not far way.  Nothing but the sea gulls.  

The first time I visited Toms River and saw the sea gulls I was confused.  I thought maybe they were a "different" sort of pigeon since I knew there are tons of pigeons in Manhatten which isn't that far away. ( only when we were in Manhatten I accidently called them penguins and the Murph still hasn't let me live that one down). 

Another thing I'm not use to is all the retirement communities up here in Toms River.  We don't have any Leisure Villages in Alabama.  We should.  Southern elderly people would probably like having their own leisure village to hang out just like Northern ones.  The Murph and I like hanging out in Leisure Village.  We like saying the name "Leisure Village" even more.

Well, gotta go get another donut and the Murph is starting to complain because we've been at Dunkin Donuts for a entire shift change.


  1. Did I tell you I was born on the Jersey Shore? I admire your athleticism a lot. I simply don't have the power I used to but feel maybe with a little devotion I can build my strength back up. Keep on running . . .

    oxoxoxo from San FRancisco

    1. I loved the Jersey shore. I told my fiance if we ever move to New Jersey that is where I would want to live. Especially in one of those quant old victorian houses. His family moved to NJ from NY when he was a teen. You've lived in some really neat places - Jersey shore to San Francisco. There's probably some really beautiful places to run where you live. There are some marathons I would like to do out there. I've heard it's really beautiful.