Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday Cake and Pizza

My sweet Murph got me a cake for my birthday.  I love birthday cakes, but I am the only one who eats  sweets around here other than Phantom the cat and he doesn't need it.  The Murph won't eat cake at all. It's hit or miss with The Boy.

That's ok though.  I can eat enough for everybody.   I will eat it even if I shouldn't.  Birthday cakes make getting another year older worthwhile.  Almost.  

This cake was a very delicious pink, strawberry cake with vanilla butter cream icing.    Tonight the Murph was going to take me out to eat to a very nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  I opted out since I went out to lunch yesterday with my mom and I ate a little too much.  That was one reason.  The real reason was that I really just wanted to stay in tonight.

It's a good thing I told him I didn't want to go out because the Devils are playing the Rangers tonight in hockey and I can't believe The Murph was willing to miss this game to take my out to eat for my birthday.  He should have told me!!

We stayed in and ordered pizza.  And of course, had beer and margaritas.  Beer for The Murph.  Margaritas for me.

Everything ended up working out great.  The Murph gets to stay home and watch this very important game and I get to stay home with my bestest guy, that would be The Murph,  my favorite cat boy and the out of control cats.

Pizza and cake.  I am stuffed!

Now if only the Rangers win.  It's not looking good right now!


  1. Cake, pizza, margaritas, staying in, some kind of sports event - a recipe for a good evening for everyone!
    I'd help you eat that cake!
    Can you stand another "happy birthday" greeting from me? Yeah, why not.. Happy birthday! xo

  2. Thanks Steph! I wish you could help me eat that cake! The Murph actually ate a piece of it last night. Surprising! It was delicious!

  3. Happy Birthday dear. Even though the Rangers may not have won, it sounds sooooooooo cozy

    oxoxox from San Francisco