Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Short Beach Visit

It's great to be back at the beach even if it's only for a couple of days.  The trip to New Jersey for my fiances' brother's funeral took top priority last week.   So sad since the Murph's brother was only 53 years old.  He was very obese and his body started shutting down.  Another good reason to exercise and stay fit.

Tomorrow we are heading to the University to pack my son up and bring him home for the summer.  I am so proud of him completing his first year of college with excellent grades.  I think he has been lonely this semester and is ready to come home for a while.  We've spent hours on the phone the past couple of months with the conversation ending when one of our cell phones die.  Then it's on to skype.

 Hopefully, he will find a job for the summer.

The weather at the coast has been cloudy with some rain and lightning.  Doesn't look like we are going to get any beach time.  It's still very relaxing to just be here.

I took these pictures yesterday.  Most were as we were coming across the bridges onto the island and as we were leaving for dinner in the evening.

Here's the freshly painted water tower on Pensacola Beach.  I've cut back on the amount of tap water I drink when I am on the island because I noticed whenever I am here I start having problems with swelling and inflammation under my toes, right on the joint, much like calcium deposits or gout.  It always flares up within two days of me being on the island and clears up immediately when I am back home.   The Murph says I don't have gout because it goes away too quickly and predictably.  The only thing different I do here is drink the water.  It is a mystery.

I am very happy that my toenails are finally growing back.  I lost both nails from my big toes last November after I ran the Pensacola Marathon.  Growing them back has been a slow process.  I can only imagine what my pedicurists think when they see my feet.   They usually take one look at all the callouses and now my lack of toenails and start talking to each other in Vietnamese.  It can't be good... 

Sephora by OPI nail color

The Murph patiently letting me take pictures when he's really ready to go get a beer.  His usual response to me when I hand him the camera to take a picture or I tell him to stand still so I can get a picture of him is "Ok, Blogger!"


  1. Gorgeous and fabulous sandals! I wish I had the beach nearby!


    1. Thanks Teresa! Yes, the beach is great and very relaxing.

  2. The swelling may be from the increased humidity at the coast...? I saw that happen to people sometimes when they'd come to the Caribbean.
    Lovely pink toes. Hooray for toenails!! I once lost one of mine from spinning. Took forever to grow back. In the meantime I wore a Hello Kitty band-aid to hide it.

    1. Hello Kitty band aids would have worked great! Lucky for me it was during the winter so I wasn't wearing sandals everywhere. I don't know if it is the humidity causing the swelling because it seems more humid in Birmingham than on Pensacola Beach (because of the wind at the beach I guess) It never happens in Birmingham. Just PB.

  3. That is weird. Hey, maybe it's the salt air! That's got to be it..
    My toenail incident happened in the Caribbean (open toe shoe season year round, of course) so you can imagine I had to wear a band-aid for several months. I was so happy when it grew back.