Saturday, May 12, 2012

Princess Birthday Party For A Little Princess

And no, it's not my birthday although I have been called "a princess" by the Running Nazi and she didn't mean it as a compliment exactly.  I still have a few days to go before my big day and just for the record, I'm 29 and holding. (It works for my mom so it'll work for me!)

I went over to the Running Nazi, L's house today.  She was having a party for her niece who turned 3 years old.  It was the first time I had met her cute little niece A, but I have heard lots about her during our long runs.  A is very, very lucky to have the Running Nazi as an aunt. RN's make great aunts!

I also finally got to meet several of L's family members - brother, sister, nieces etc.  She loves doing parties and is a super cook.  I've told her she should do catering she loves it so much.  She really went all out on decorations, food, activities.  I have never left her house hungry and she even helps me out when I have parties by making something really tasty.

L's niece A wanted a pink princess party with tacos for lunch, so the food was Mexican themed and delicious.  I had a soft taco with a little steak and chicken on it, (she had three different choices), guacamole dip, chips, 7 layer dip, chicken enchilada casserole, and several other types of dips and black beans and stuffed jalapenos.

For dessert L had birthday cake, cupcakes, cookies and chess squares.  And then there was some delicious pink princess punch made with raspberry sherbet and ginger ale.

It's a good thing we are running 13 miles tomorrow.  I need to burn this off.

It's been a long time since The Boy was that age, but it brought back memories of all his parties and the many parties he was invited to go to..  It seemed like everybody in his preschool class had a big birthday party.  And all his cousins as well.  They are all graduating from high school or in college now.

Those days he wouldn't let me out of his sight.  All the other kids would be playing and he would be right by my side.

He wasn't diagnosed with Asperger's yet during those days so I just thought he was shy and would out grow it.

I don't think he ever really out grew it.  I think his peer group just got older and eventually stopped having birthdays where they invited everyone in the class.

The girls invited girls and the boys invited boys and only close friends got invited.  The Boy did better in these smaller groups.

Back then I got my share of jumping in these things with The Boy.  It was the only way I could get him in one, but once inside he loved it.

All the children had fun swimming in the swimming pool.  I didn't see any adults go in the pool, but a mom, dad or two that had really small children might have gotten in.  I was too busy inside eating cupcakes.

The Running Nazis' dog's Ali and Max were handling things really well.  Ali even dressed for the occasion.


 And then there was the pinata, handmade in Mexico that the RN's husband, P called the "bad prom date'.   Yes, I can see why.  So can the Murph.

I love this sandbox that the RN's husband P made for little A.

And the funniest picture of all,  P riding in cinderella's carriage.

And princess goody bags!  (I got some pink Lancome lip gloss)

What a fun party!  Happy Birthday A!

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