Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lunch With Mom and The Cat Boy

Phantom's new spot
The Boy and I took my mom out to lunch today for a belated mother's day celebration.  We waited until today since The Boy was with his dad this weekend and I thought my mom would want to see him.   I was hoping that since The Boy has spent one entire year in college, that he would outgrow some of his unusual and embarrassing "cat" behavior.  (He identifies a little to closely with the family cats.)

No such luck.

We had barely sat down in the restaurant when The Boy starts up with his old behavior.  The cat behavior.  For the past few years, whenever we are in public, The Boy starts meowing at me loudly.  If I ignore him, which I try to do hoping he'll stop, he will then start rubbing his head on my shoulder, meowing and purring.  Very loudly.  

I have tried everything to try to make him stop.  Ignoring him is my last hope.  My mom was sitting on the other side of the table, witnessing this very unusual and embarrassing behavior.  The look on her face was exactly the same look I 've seen on other family members and friends who have been unfortunate enough to witness it.

I thought he would out grow it.  That he would mature in college.  That he would forget the behavior since he's not around our cats so much anymore or just not do it because it's too embarrassing for him.

No such luck.

Lucky for me, the restaurant was fairly empty today and there was no waitress nearby when he was performing the cat behavior.  I threatened him that if he didn't stop, I was turning him into the humane society, giving him a rabies shot,  having him declawed.  In return, he growled at me.

And bit me on the arm. 

 Oh, the look on my mom's face when he did that!  

He follows me around meowing when we are home, but why does he go overboard with it when we are in public?  He doesn't seem as bad when we are home, but maybe I just don't notice it as much because there's nobody to witness it but me and The Murph. 

I've decided to start calling him "Cat Boy" until he stops.  I've already been bitten twice by the cats this week, both the real one and the pretend one.  This house is out of control!

Phantom and Boo "bonding"
Wide loads!