Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Kona Inspired Contest Entry

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A couple of months ago, Ironman started a contest called Kona Inspired which would allow regular athletes, who may not be fast enough to earn a Kona slot because of busy lifestyles or physical challenges, to tell their story of how they live the Ironman mantra "Anything is Possible".  From the entrants, they are picking 8 to compete in Kona this October.

I immediately started working on my own video to submit into the contest and tell my story of how I live the mantra "Anything is Possible".  Believe me - around my house ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I finished the video and then was afraid to submit it because I set the video to the song "Beginning and the End"and after all the copyright issues popping up and all, well, I didn't want Sony or any other music group coming after me.  And I wanted to do the right thing (of course)

(I was really just afraid of Sony)

So, I decided to send an email to the group's manager, who then directed me to the correct place to go (no, not there) which was Provident Label Group,  a division of Sony.  They said I needed to get a master license and needed some information from me.  I filled out the request they sent and waited.

And waited.

Finally, last week I hear back from them telling me that they approved my request.   They probably got some good laughs and some"who the heck is this person" as it was tossed around like a hot potato or stuck on some unlucky person's desk.   Nobody knowing exactly what to do with it.  They were very nice and polite about it though and apologized for the delay saying that this was such an "unusual request" and had to go to many different levels.

I love the song and had decided that if it didn't get approved, I wouldn't enter the contest.  None of the other things I tried with the video seem to mean as much to me as that song set to my story.  

To me the song which is about life having beginning and end is very much like an Ironman, which has a beginning and an end.  In Ironman, just as in life, sometimes in the middle of it you have to dig deep and find the strength to keep going, pull yourself through the rough patches, to finish strong and never, ever give up.  To me that strength comes from my faith in God.

I am just glad I finally have approval and it didn't end up in the garbage. 

So anyway, here it is so please vote for me!  Take pity on me! 

I'm slow, but qualifying for Kona has been a dream of mine since I did my first Ironman in Florida back when I was faster.  Faster, but still not fast enough.  I would have to take almost 4 hours off my total Ironman time to even have a chance to get a Kona slot.

Vote for me!

Pictures Of Kona 

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