Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love These ZiGi Sandals And Lunch With The Boy

Bebe Dress
ZiGi Shoes

They may not look comfortable, but they really are after you get use to being much higher up than normal.  I love to wear these types of platform sandals when I go out in the evening at the beach instead of my flat sandals.   It's a dressier alternative to flats and the heels don't get stuck in the boardwalk.

The shoes and dress were a birthday present to me from The Murph.  I wore them yesterday when The Boy and I went out to lunch.   You will probably recognize The Boy below...

What attractive hands!

We were planning on eating at his favorite Mexican restaurant, but by the time we got there they had stopped serving lunch.  Crap! 

 So we ended up going across the street to Wings.  He had a burger and I had a salad.

We both felt a little sick after eating all that greasy food, but it was good.  It was already after 2:30 pm by the time we got to the restaurant and it was almost empty.  This was good because when The Boy started meowing loudly only the waiter heard and he just ignored it.

Overall, we had fun and he even applied for a job at one of the stores nearby.

Fingers crossed!


  1. The waiter probably had a good laugh when he disappeared to the kitchen, though!
    LOVE the shoes and dress. Ken did a good job on the gifts! Black shoes plus white dress plus pink nails really works for you. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I having been using the same pink nail polish for months now. Love it!