Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spinervals without "Sylvester"

Today was Spinervals with J.  I was surprised last week at how sore my legs were after doing this workout.   It involves getting on the spin bike for about 15 to 20 minutes and then getting off to do weights, lunges whatever and then getting back on the spin bike for 15 minutes then off again for weights, etc. for about a 50 minute total workout with three sets of weights/lunges.

The Murph said he was going to start doing more cardio and I thought he might do Spinervals today since he didn't do it last week.  He even told the spin instructor last week that he was going to start doing the spin class.  But just not today...  The closest the Murph got to the spin bikes was to give me a kiss goodbye and then he was off to the weight room.  It was probably a wise decision because for somebody who doesn't do a lot of intense cardio, that class will KILL you.  I told the Murph he would breeze through the weights part, but there's absolutely no way he would last through the spinning part.  Instead of considering that a challenge, the Murph said he would just come in and do the weights with us and go back out when we get back on the bikes.  Then he laughed and said "the dumbbells we use were just paper weights for girls and wimps."  (He said this followed by a Sylvester Stallone he man kind of laugh.)

After the class, the spin instructor came up to the Murph as we were doing crunches and in a deep, Sylvester Stallone voice, mocking the Murph,  said she thought the Murph  had said "I'm going to start doing spin class.  I need more cardio".  The Murph's mouth dropped open and he said "Hey, do I really sound like that??  That's what Kristy always does!  I don't really sound like that, do I??"

We just laughed.  Yes, he does sound like that!   I'd love to see his ass in that Spinervals class!  He'd never make it all the way through!

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