Wednesday, March 28, 2012



I have been distracted a lot lately and every time the Murph says or asks me anything my standard response usually is "Huh?"  Sometimes I will even know what he has just said to me but I will still say "Huh?" just out of habit.

Murph:  "What do you want to do for dinner?"
Me:  "Huh?'

Murph:  "It's getting hot in here.  I'm turning on the air."
Me:  "Huh?"

Murph:  "I'm keeping my Eye on you keeping an Eye on that bad cat so he won't go after Ed."
Me:  "Huh?"

Murph:  "I just stepped on the cat."
Me:  "Huh?'

The Murph says I sound like Scooby Doo and so now he calls me Scooby whenever I say "Huh?"  The Murph actually does sound like Scooby when he's mocking me.   He will ask me something, I will say "Huh" and he comes back at me with his perfect Scooby imitation, "Huh? Scooby Dooby Doo!" in hopes to make me aware of what I'm doing so I will then Stop doing it and actually say a complete and coherent sentence.

The Murph is a communications guy (he even majored in Communications in college) and this kind of lame response, as well as the over use of pronouns, really irritates him.  When the Murph is irritated he takes it upon himself to correct the situation.  He's called "the Mayor" around here for a reason.  He also takes it upon himself to teach people correct driving skills whenever we are in the car going anywhere.

He, I mean The Murph (no pronouns here!)  has a challenge ahead of him trying to transform me into a great communicator.  Being the Mayor is a tough job, but some one's got to do it.


  1. lol!! usually it's the men who are always saying "huh?"

    1. Not around here. The Murph says he had to break his daughter of doing that several years ago and now I'm doing. Maybe it's a murph thing. We women just don't understand when he says something so we have to ask "Huh??" lol