Friday, February 10, 2012

In The Closet

Ken and I are at odds over what to do about Phantom's aggressive attitude toward the other 3 cats, especially Ed. Every morning we have to do an intervention between the two of them. Ed is old, small and declawed.  Phantom is a huge, muscular powerhouse with claws and teeth.  Ed doesn't stand a chance.

Neither Ken nor I know why Ed seems to have been singled out.  Spraying Phantom with water doesn't help stop him.  For a while, Phantom spent most of the day soaking wet, but then he would still go after Ed whenever we weren't looking.  Now we lock Phantom up whenever we are gone to keep Ed safe.

Now we are trying to figure out what to do with all the cats if we move to the coast and sell the house in the ham.  We would have to live in a small two bedroom condo for awhile before buying a house down there.  There is no way we can have all four cats in the small condo, especially with Phantom being so mean and territorial.  Ken says Phantom has to go, but I have had this cat for six years and he's more like a child to me than a pet.  I love Ed too and don't want him hurt.  Dilemma!

I asked my mom to babysit for Phantom until we purchase another house.  She reluctantly agreed but is concerned he will bite her.  I don't think he will bite her, but he's never been with anybody other than me and The Boy so I don't really know what he will do to her.  I do know we can't continue to let him terrorize poor Ed and we can't keep him locked up in a closet either, even though he seems to like it in there.  Phantom is just a very bad indoor cat.  He should have gone to live in a barn somewhere on a farm where he can chase mice and other small critters all day.  I couldn't have it though because I would be afraid he'd get hurt or killed.  The closet is a safer place than outside or in a barn.  Sorry Phantom.

And please don't bite Grandma!

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