Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am so ready for Spring to get here.  How dreary it is outside right now.  I love Fall and then the holidays, but now I wish I could fast forward through the next couple of months and get right to Spring.  This is what the swimming pool area looks like now.  Ick!

This is what's left of our herb garden from last summer.

I don't think this hibiscus plant survived the cold temperatures.

Dreary.  Press fast forward now!


  1. noooo...! you're not even getting a winter up there and already wishing for spring! *lol*
    we are getting 80 degree winter days so i dread what is coming...
    i like our rare grey days. any break from the blazing texas sun is welcome.

  2. It's not the coldness because it hasn't been that cold. It's just been kind of gloomy. Today was better though. The sun came out and it was 70 degrees.

  3. i do like the sunny 70 degrees we've had recently. would make perfect spring weather!
    it's still gloomy here and muggy. well, that's the texas tropics for you!