Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Oscar Night Fashions

Last night The Murph gave up control of the tv remote so I could watch all the fashion at the Oscars.  My favorite dress of the night was the white, sparkly Elie Saab dress worn by Milla Jovovich.  I would love to wear that as my wedding dress.  Beautiful!  However, I already have a Reem Acra dress picked out that is very, very nice too.   I liked Cameron Diaz's Gucci dress and Angelina's black Versace.  Those three were my top picks of the night.  Too bad we couldn't see a little more shoe action.  Would love to have seen more shoes.

All the talk today has been on Angelina's right leg and J Lo's nip slip.  I love Angelina, but I did think that walk was a little strange and the sticking out leg pose thing was odd.  As for J Lo, I liked her dress and the designer stated that there was no slippage, just an optical allusion.  I don't know...  looked like slippage to me, but just a slight hint of slippage.  The leg and the slippage were the most exciting things that happened last night unless you count the kiss George gave Billy. You can follow Angelina's leg and J Lo's nips on Twitter now if that's something you would want to do.  I'll pass.

I was really excited about Alabama native, Octavia Spencer winning supporting actress for her role in "The Help".  I loved the book and the movie and was thrilled that a fellow Alabamian won the Oscar last night.  I liked her dress too, although it wasn't a style I personally would wear.   Tonight we're back to Hockey.  Go New York Rangers!  (that's for the Murph)

Also, great news from The Boy from college.  He made a B+ on his English paper and a 93 in his Information Technology class.  Could he possibly make a 3.7 GPA this semester?  I sure hope so!  He is working on a speech for his public speaking class now.  He skyped me a couple of hours ago trying to con me into doing the outline for him.  Sorry, but he is very capable of doing it on his own.  I always help by proofreading, but that's about it.  He is has become a very good writer this year after spending most of high school struggling with writing.  Or maybe just trying to get somebody else to do it for him...
My Favorite Dress From Oscar Night
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  1. milla is as beautiful as ever. i didn't know about the oscars being on. i don't think i've ever watched it all the way through. i don't keep up with hollywood at all. that's great news that an alabama woman won an award!

    congrats to the boy for his grades!