Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Beam Me Up, Scotty"

I put this outfit on yesterday and when Ken sees me wearing it the first thing he says is "Beam me up, Scotty," the famous quote from Star Trek.  This somehow reminds him of what Spock and Captain Kirk were wearing in the shows.  Kind of a stretch I think, but Ken had fun with it as we ran our errands yesterday.  Everywhere we went I heard "Beam me up, Scotty!"  

I actually bought this dress from Bebe's about two years ago.  Either I've gotten bigger or it has shrunk so now I wear leggings under it unless I'm at the beach.  The leggings came from Cache, BCBG shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue and Louis Vuitton handbag and sunglasses, also purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

"Beam Me Up, Scotty!"


  1. you look amazing as always! yes, the dress-tunic thingy is very star trek.
    nice handbag. same style as the previous one? it looks like the smaller version..

  2. Thanks Steph! The handbag is a different LV style. The other one was Galliera and was huge. This is Batignolles Vertical and is much easier to find stuff. It's smaller, but still plenty big enough. I love it! I did like the way the Galliera looked though with the one wide shoulder strap instead of two smaller ones.

  3. cool, i thought it looked smaller than your original - glad you were able to find something even better.