Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I had a very productive day today reorganizing and cleaning out one of my closets to get the house ready to put on the market.  I came across this painting from about 1977.   It is a painting of me at approximately age 11 or 12 painted by my good friend D before she and her family moved up north to Illinois.  Funny how I have kept all of these things.

I also still have my Barbie paper dolls from the early 1970's.  Why?  I don't know....

It was kind of funny and a little embarrassing when the Murph and I went out tonight and he was looking through the pictures I had taken on the camera and came across this Barbie one.   We decided to stay in last night and avoid the Valentine Day crowds.  Tonight wasn't much better though as far as the crowds.  We went to Flemings and had calamari and crab cakes.  Ken loves Flemings calamari and says it's the best.  Every thing's delicious at Flemings.   I finally got a chance to wear the new pink Jeffrey Campbell shoes I bought last month online from Free People.  It went perfect with the new pink Bebe dress that I bought before Christmas.  We ran into some friends at Flemings and got a chance to caught up since we haven't seen anyone since the Christmas holidays.

After a couple of drinks we headed over to P.F. Chang's for some lettuce wraps and egg rolls before heading home.   Great night out with Ken.  Tomorrow I tackle the other closet!   The one with all the shoes.....

 Cadence had to get in on the picture taking action before we left.  He's always right there beside me.  My favorite kitty.....

I think Cadence wants me to stop taking pics and pet him dammit!
See Cadence creeping up beside Ken....


  1. i LOVE that shade of pink on you. perfect!
    nice photo of you two.
    i think it's cool that you've kept stuff from school. i have a few things myself from that era. it's nice to look back and remember.

  2. Thanks! I love pink! I have lots of stuff back from that era. It's fun to go through it.