Monday, February 20, 2012


I have been wearing these new Missoni over the knee socks whenever I can since they were delivered last week.  No, they aren't compression socks, but they are much cuter and just as comfortable.  I got three pairs of them from Zappos last week and love them.  I am even thinking of getting some pink ones as well.  I bought them to wear under the Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots I recently purchased online from Free People.  Didn't really think I would wear them all that much otherwise, but they are great to hang around the house in when I'm not in the compression socks.

The Running Nazi and I did our long run yesterday morning in the cold rain.  Thirteen miles in the dreary cold at 6:30 a.m. so she could get to work by 10:30.  We were out there for 2 1/2 hours and were soaking wet by the time we finished. The only ones out there running in that weather were the hard core runners and the freakishly insane.  While The Running Nazi might fall into either one of those categories on any given day, I was only out there because I have a marathon coming up and I am trying to stay on the training schedule.  I never want a repeat of the way my legs felt while running in the Pensacola marathon last Fall.  Yes, I can finish a marathon without properly training for it, but I never want to experience that much pain again.  Just because I did an Ironman the year before meant nothing.  My legs didn't remember it at all, but they didn't let me forget the pain I put them through afterward.  From now on, I'm doing the proper marathon training.   It was great getting back home and into these warm socks.  My legs felt happy.

The Murph kept making fun of my outfit and thought I was wearing these colors in honor of Mardi Gras.   He kept laughing at me and followed me around taking pictures.  Now I know how old Boo feels when we come after him pointing the camera.  Don't worry, I'll get some pictures of my own of the Murph.  I'm still waiting for my new Runlove Compression socks to be delivered.  Keeping my fingers crossed for them to be delivered today.


  1. yes, that is quite a get-up! glitzy purple top, fancy earrings, track shorts and over-the-knee striped socks. classic at-home-wear! :)

  2. That's my usual home wear when I'm not going out anywhere. Going out just requires a quick change from track shorts to leggings. Easy yet glitzy!

  3. that *is* easy. :) i often wear my lululemon yoga wear around the house and sometimes when running an errand or two (depends on where i'm going).