Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boo's Toys

Boo brought his favorite dolls downstairs yesterday.  Now he's been keeping them nearby.  He ignored me as I started taking his picture.  He doesn't really like it.

As you can see, these dolls are a little rough looking.

Only half a body on this one and you can't see her face very well behind all the hair.  Boo pretended to ignore me as I walked around the house taking pictures of all his other toys that he has left all over the house.

This one was next to the dolls.  Guess he thought they needed a big cat nip pillow.

Not sure about this one... Kind of looks like a goldfish....Could also be used as a doll pillow according to Boo.

 These were left in one of his favorite chairs.  I don't even know what that white thing is, but it's not a cat toy.  I think it actually came out of one of my shoe boxes.

I would still love to catch him in the act of carrying his big stuffed dog in his mouth.

This ball was left in the kitchen.   Food wins over toys every time with old Boo.

After I finished taking pictures, I hear Boo meowing in the living room.  He only meows when he has a toy in his mouth.  I grab the camera to try to catch him with the toy in his mouth.  He sees me and spits it out immediately.

Then stands there and pretends he doesn't see me taking pictures of him.  Totally ignores me.

This is the toy he had in his mouth.  I don't even know where it came from.  I didn't see it laying around anywhere when I was taking pictures of the other toys.  Boo has a secret stash.  Wonder what else Boo has in his stash?

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