Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boy Genius

Whenever I come across anything on computers, technology or asperger's that I think The Boy might be interested in reading, I will email or skype him the link to the article, blog, whatever it happens to be.  This morning I was reading and came across a blog that had a link to an article on the "9 Ways Geeks Have Inherited The Earth".  I thought it was a cool and accurate article on the ways technology has impacted every one's lives and most of this technology has been invented by "Geeks".

 The article stated that "Geeks are behind the wealthiest companies in the world." I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day the Boy will be behind one of those companies.  Geeks rule!  I wish I were a Geek, but I still screw up my html code whenever I try to copy and paste pictures on my blog.  I made a D in the only computer class I ever took in college.  (One class was plenty to let me know that wasn't my field).  I don't even know how to get my printer to work when I try to print wirelessly from my lap top.  I thought The Boy would love the article, but instead I get something that went like this:

Me: (sending the link to the boy along with this note)  Interesting article I thought you would like to read

A few minutes later The Boy skypes this back to me......

The Boy: A bunch of bull crap

Me: So Geeks don't rule??

The Boy: They missed a lot of major details

The Boy: and they used a lot of words incorrectly

The Boy: It sounded like someone in high school wrote it...

Me: It came from a blog

The Boy: hmm...

 The Boy: They will let anyone write anything these days...

The Boy: Whatever happened to having to get your papers published before people can read it...

The Boy: it got rid of all the idiots out there

Me: It's a freedom of speech country (and writing)

The Boy: Just because they say it doesn't mean anyone should listen

Me: What did u say.....      

Sometimes saying less is best with The Boy.  From now on if he gets all smarty pants with me or says stuff I don't like, I'm just going to pretend I don't hear him.  After all, he's given me permission now not to listen.  I don't have too!   I think all those good grades in writing are going to his head.  We've always known he was a computer genius, but now a great writer too.  Before long he really is going to be a "know it all".  We're getting our money's worth at that college.   Who can stand it??

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