Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wire Hangers

My legs are finally about 90% recovered, especially my poor beat up calves.  They weren't hurting at all until I attempted to run on the treadmill today.  Then it felt like little fists were pressing right into the middle of each of them.  I did almost 30 minutes easy on the treadmill, then did 15 minutes on the exercise bike and stretched.  Ken and I went for a 30 minute walk later today and I think these walks are really helping me recover faster, but I still need some miracle recovery drink at this point.  Who stays this sore for over four days after a 1/2 marathon?  A full marathon I would understand, but not a 1/2.  It's absurd!

The Running Nazi and I have a 13 miler to run and we were going to do it tomorrow, but I'm thinking I should just do a shorter 5 to 7 mile run tomorrow (ha) and then the 13 miler on Sunday just to give me more recovery time and to keep on the training schedule.  Since I'm backing out of the 13 mile run tomorrow, she will probably run 13 by herself tomorrow and then another 13 miler on Sunday.  She's an animal.  I'm just old and worn out.

I did make some progress on the other bedroom closet and now the floors in both closets are visible.  I still have some work to do on the top shelves and rearranging my clothes in some sort of organization, but they both look much better.

Somehow I have wire hangers in the closets again.   A couple of years ago I made a futile attempt to do away with all wire hangers.  Sort of Joan Crawfordish in "Mommy Dearest" only I didn't beat the Boy with the hangers or wake him up in the middle of night yelling at him because he used wire hangers or anything like that.   I just bought some wooden ones for one of my closets and pink plastic ones for the rest of them (except blue ones for the Boy).  I was going for a more uniform look in the closets.  It was my first real attempt at closet organizing.

My clothing must multiply over night, but the wooden and plastic hangers stay the same, so the wire ones manage to get back in the closets again.  The wire ones are always everywhere.  I need to put a ban on them in the house and just toss them or send them back to the cleaners as soon as I find one.  Otherwise, they end up back in my closet.  I don't like them.

Phantom looked a little confused when he saw his favorite closet, the one with all the shoes.  He's never seen it that organized.  He didn't know what the floor looked liked.

I think maybe we should get the carpet cleaned next....


  1. your closet is coming along nicely. although phantom looks seriously concerned....maybe confused, too.
    i hate wire hangers, too! a few years ago, we converted to wooden ones. i am a stickler for closet organization.

  2. I had my closet in my other house entirely with wooden hangers. I don't know where all these wire ones came from when I moved in with the Murph. My suspicions are they came from his dry cleaning.....
    Maybe I should beat Phantom with those wire hangers when he goes after Ed. Just joking of course. I would never do that, but Phantom does get into these crazy eye moods where he wants to stalk and terrorize the other cats. (crazy eye because I know when he's in that mood just by looking at his eyes)

  3. i think wire hangers reproduce. ours come from the cleaners but seem to multiply on J's side of the closet. i'm always on the lookout for them; they have to go!
    phantom is definitely trying to be the alpha cat!