Thursday, February 2, 2012


This morning as Ken (aka The Murph) and I were about to walk in our gym, we saw this little old lady trying really hard to pull into a parking spot.  It was the first spot and she had taken a sharp left and then had to take another sharp left to get into the spot.  A large, white minivan was parked next to the spot she was trying to get into, so she had to maneuver her car for several minutes to get into the spot without bumping the white minivan.  She wasn't doing very well and from our vantage spot, it looked like she was bumping the side of the van at least 3 times as she backed up, went forward, bump, backed up, went forward, bump..... this went on for at least 5 minutes as Ken and I watched horrified.

We could still see her maneuvering when we went inside the gym.  Ken told the girl at the desk about it.  We then watched as the little old lady got parked, fumbled around inside her car for another 5 minutes, hung a handicap sign from her rear view mirror, and hobbled out of her car to the beauty parlor next door.

Ken was beside himself.  The girl at the gym and I felt sorry for the little old lady and didn't think he should tell on her.  Rude, idiot drivers are one of his pet peeves, but this was just a little handicapped old woman.  He always complains about drivers around here so when he sees somebody hit another vehicle and not even put a note on the car she hit, well, that's it!  The old woman just got out of her car and went to get her hair done.

 To top it off, he then sees the owner of the white minivan, another elderly woman,  come out of the beauty parlor and get in her car to drive away.  He runs out of the gym to stop the woman in the minivan to tell her about the little old lady bumping her car.  She sees him running toward her and looks a little scared as she's trying to hurry away.  Ken was able to stop her before she got away and tell on the little old handicap woman.  Luckily, there was no damage done to the minivan and the minivan wasn't in that great shape anyway.  The minivan owner seemed to know the" hit and run" lady and said everything was all right.

 Ken felt better.  I couldn't help teasing him a little though for "telling on" a little, old, handicapped lady.  Ken the Tattletale.

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