Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clearwater Jazz Festival

Back home after attending the Clearwater Jazz Festival in beautiful Clearwater, Florida.  The Murph and I had a great time, but the seven hour drive was a little longer than we thought it would be.  The Tampa/St. Pete area is at the top of our list of possible places to relocate.  If we do decide to move there then we probably will sell not only the Alabama houses, but also the condo we are living in now in the Florida Panhandle.  It is just a little too far to drive for a long weekend and we will be near beaches down there so it just makes sense.

We had alot of fun at the jazz festival at Coachman Park in Clearwater, FL.  One of the acts we saw was Christian McBride and his band, Inside Straight.  They were very good and it was a perfect afternoon in the park listening to some jazz.  I love the instrument McBride played (the upright bass). It would be fun to learn to play one or the cello.  My favorite instrument of all time.  The Boy learned to play the violin when he was in third grade and the kids in his class were learning to play everything from the viola and the violin to the cello and the bass and they were all miniature size to fit the kids.  Very cute!

Christian McBride & Inside Straight
The sunsets were gorgeous down there especially the night we went to the park.  I could definitely live there!  We liked the south Tampa area as well as the many areas we looked at in the Clearwater area.  Atlanta is another option, but after living at the coast these past months I think the Murph and I are both leaning toward somewhere on the coast now.


  1. looks fun. the texas jazz fest is here. we're probably going tomorrow. i've never heard of any of the bands, but it'll be nice hear something different.

  2. I looked up the Texas jazz fest to see if the Murph would know any of the performers. He didn't but we did notice there is alot of latin jazz which we like. It inspired him to play his latin jazz cd's yesterday.