Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spinervals, Manicure and NO GROCERY SHOPPING!

Today was Spinerval day so I went to spin class and did spinning and then weights, then spinning, then weights for an hour of intense pain.   The class seemed tougher than normal because my legs are still a little tired from the Tuesday long run and the long swim and bike I did yesterday plus the race I did Saturday. My mom says I do too much and need to stop.   She also sent me an email and told me I don't need to swim in the ocean and if I do I shouldn't wear shiny jewelry because it attracts sharks.  I really don't usually swim in the ocean unless it is during a race.  I have a healthy respect for the sharks around here.  I don't want one in my house so I don't want to go in their house either.  (unless it's a race.... sorry!)

No beach day today so I didn't get to see the Little Pecker.  Hope he found a few crumbs from someone else.  He's fairly aggressive so I wouldn't be surprised.  Instead I got my nails done while the Murph ran errands and did some grocery shopping.   The nail shop owner and his wife saw the Murph drop me off at the shop and remembered me from Friday when I ran in for a "quick" pedicure.  I told them that "yes, the Murph had dropped me off and was going grocery shopping again plus some other errands too".  The nail place owner told me I was a very lucky girl and that most men wouldn't grocery shop like that.  I told him that not only that but the Murph cooks too!  He couldn't believe it.  He said "oh you very very lucky!  Where did you find him...  on ebay??"  I said "no, but close!"

Actually, I met the Murph because I have to pee alot after I drink wine.  I was in a restaurant with some friends drinking wine, of course.  I had to go to the bathroom and was walking out of the bathroom which was near the bar area and that's where I met the Murph.  He's from the Bronx and with a mouth like his, he's hard to miss.  Oh yeah, and cute too!

Really, I think it was fate.  The Murph and I were just meant to meet and if we hadn't met at that restaurant that night, we would have met somewhere else.  Probably the beach we both love.

I think the Murph likes it when I don't go to the grocery store with him.  He has a list and you must only buy what's on the list.  I see cookies and I'm all over the place.  He told me today that I am banned from grocery shopping.   Oh well, I'm not crying about it.  (he did buy my cookies)

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  1. men who like to grocery shop and cook are apparently rare. mine also cooks and food shops. actually we take turns. neither of us ever really wants to go to the grocery stores around here! always hard to find parking, hard to get in/out of, and crowded. people in this city buy (and eat!) a lot!