Monday, October 10, 2011

Yoga Kicked My Ass

It is a very windy day here at the coast so not a good beach day.  I lifted weights at the gym and then ran six miles outside and my legs felt better than they have all week.  Saturday they were extremely sore so I decided to try the yoga class at the gym and then a 30 minute swim instead of a run.   Overall, the yoga seemed good, not too bad, kind of easy.  I thought I would do terrible and have no balance at all and everybody would laugh at me, but I really did pretty good.  Near the end of class I was thinking, " Oh this is nothing.  Easy!  I've done ironman triathlons and races where I felt like throwing up at the end.  Blood and guts!  This yoga stuff is nothing with all this heavy breathing and these gay ballerina moves and all."  Big scoff!

Well....  I guess I got a little too cocky because near the end of class I noticed the toe on my left foot was really aching and the downward dog pose didn't seem so easy and fun anymore.  The next morning when I woke up I had soreness in areas of my body that I had never had soreness before (didn't even know you could get sore in those areas).  Even my fingers were sore!

The Murph has been laughing at me for two days and calling me a baby every time I complain.

"Oh, baby is cranky!  Baby needs a nap!  Cry baby....  boo hooo... "

You get the picture.

Yes,  I admit it.  Yoga kicked my triathlete ass!