Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home Again But Not For Long

Well I haven't done my long run for the week yet because I put it off when the cold front came through at the coast and the wind was brutal and then I haven't felt well.   We have been traveling alot too.  Last week to Clearwater Beach and Sarasota and this week we are back in Birmingham from Pensacola.  We haven't been home in almost a month and our mail never was forwarded so we have piles of it here to sort through.

The Boy got his cell phone wet a few weeks ago and had to replace it.  Luckily, I had insurance but it still cost $100 to replace so I told him he owed the Murph $100 since the Murph is the one paying the monthly cell phone bill for him.  We told him if he came home this weekend to see us then he could keep the $100.  Yes, bribery!  It worked, of course.  I thought he would visit more on the weekend especially with dirty laundry to wash.  That didn't work either.  He's pretty good at "recycling" clothing and I bought him enough underwear and socks at the beginning of the semester to last him four years of college so he's been good.   Laundry doesn't work, money does!

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