Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beach Wildlife and The Little Pecker

Cute Little Pecker!
The Murph and I had a little visitor the last couple of days while we were on the beach.  This little bird just kept hanging around us and he seemed to like the Murph's toes an awful lot.  I gave him a few cracker crumbs and that made him leave the toes alone.  He didn't bother my toes, but then they are painted pink and the Murph's look kind of like crusty crackers soooo.....

I named the bird Little Pecker since he was pecking the Murph's toes so much.  The Murph didn't really appreciate the attention since he was relaxing on the beach when the Little Pecker came up suddenly and starting pecking.  Yesterday the Murph seemed to attract wildlife at the beach.  When he went in the water about a dozen black sting rays came up and surrounded him.  Then they started playing in the waves around him.  I got a little nervous and got out of the water.  The Murph went in further.  I thought he was going to get bitten by something.  Luckily, he didn't.

Today I took the camera with us to the beach just in case the Little Pecker came back.  He did!  Isn't he cute!  The Murph said I should bring him home so the cats can play with him.  Not!

Nice juicy toe ahead!

Little Pecker going after the Murph's toes!


  1. cute and funny!
    the murph has made a new "friend". jon attracts critters, too.

  2. so friendly! please share this link