Monday, October 24, 2011

Productive Trip

Overall the Murph and I have been very productive on this trip back home.  We got caught up on a month of mail and bills and tomorrow is hair appointment day.  We've caught up with friends and I had lunch with the Running Nazi today.  She told me I should run in the Ruben Studdard 1/2 marathon in Birmingham the week after doing a marathon as a "recovery" run.  I don't know how she thinks a 1/2 marathon is a "recovery" run after a full marathon.  My idea of recovery after a full marathon is sitting on the couch eating cookies.  It usually takes me four day after the marathon before I can even walk normal or lower myself down on the toilet seat without wincing.  Sounds fun though!  Maybe I will try it just to see if I'm as tough as the Nazi ( I already know I am not as tough!)

Ed and Boo continue to follow me around and curl up at my feet.  They are my little furry subjects and I am their Queen Kristy.  The Murph is totally disgusted by their behavior.  Boo has brought me his little dolls and stuffed mice as gifts.  He loves me.  The Boy laughed at Boo when he saw Boo's fur the other day.   Poor Boo is a little mangy, but he's old and can't help himself.
Ed and Boo in their current favorite spot - by my feet!  (Boo is the cute little mangy one closest to my feet)


  1. i can't look at a rocking chair without thinking of you. i'm serious! :)

  2. You probably remember the rocking chair I'm sittling in in that picture with Ed and Boo. I've had it since high school. It's followed me everywhere.

  3. it does look familiar, what i can see of it.
    i guess that rocking chair is a keeper!