Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ironman World Championship This Weekend

The Ironman World Championship is this weekend in Kona, Hawaii.  I know at least one person from home that is competing and one person from the coast.  I will be keeping up with them on ironmanlive.com and wishing them luck.  And wishing I were there of course!  Hawaii was great!  I did Hawaii 70.3 in June and the bike course was part of the full ironman course.  The lava fields may be hot, but they are really amazing too.  

I ran 13 miles today and now I have this pain in my groin area.  Not good!  I hope I didn't pull anything.  I don't have time for injuries.  I am training for Pensacola Marathon which is mid-November and I haven't even done a 20 miler for it yet.   Last 20+ mile run I did was training for Ironman Canada summer 2010.  I told the Murph I wish I was in Hawaii right now getting ready to do the race and he looked at me like I was crazy and pointed out that I can barely walk right now how can I finish an ironman race.  That is true!

I still have 4 years to qualify for Kona. That's plenty of time to get tougher and faster! (and older so I will be in a different hopefully slower age group).  I don't know if I am going to last that long though.  It's going to bug me until I get a slot.  I am already thinking that this would be a great year to try to qualify since I'm not working right now.  I can swim, bike and run 24/7!  Yeah!

First I have to be able to walk from the chair to the bathroom without this pain shooting up my leg...

Lava Field- Kona

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