Monday, October 3, 2011


I am finally recovered from the race.  I have been a little out of it the past two days!  Yesterday I went to the gym and got on the bike for about 15 minutes easy spin, then weights really light and then an easy 4 mile run outside.

Today I went to the gym and did weights, upper body only and the elliptical machine for 15 minutes and then core.  I just couldn't get into it today.  I am going to swim later this afternoon.  Hopefully, I will get motivated!

The Murph and I did our usual beer/margarita run last night.  The parrot was nowhere to be seen at Crabs though.  Guess it was too chilly for him to be outside.

It's a beautiful day here at the coast.  We have some errands to run or we would definitely hit the beach.  There's always tomorrow!

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