Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paybacks on The Jazz Cats

I did Spinervals today for an hour, but really wasn't feeling motivated. The Murph backed out and just did his usual weight training because he said it was "too windy".  (Spinervals is held inside the gym, NOT outside).  It is very dreary, windy and overcast here at the coast and I think it made me a little lazy.  It wasn't windy in the Spinervals class though so the Murph would have been just fine.

The cats kept me up all night too.  Phantom jumped up on the bed around 4 a.m. because there was no cat food in the feeder.  He usually wants to eat around 4 and if there is no food then he harasses me by walking over me and making sure he really mashes down hard with his paw and then he purrs loudly in my face.  Cadence did his usual on and off the bed, pawing my face every hour from 2 a.m. until I finally got up.  He's not hungry, just needy.

The cats were ready for their naps when we left to go work out this morning.  The Murph made sure he woke them up as soon as we got back.  Paybacks!

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