Saturday, October 1, 2011

Survived the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon!

All  I can say is I finished the triathlon today, not as fast as I would have liked, but overall I did all right (I think) for someone who hasn't been biking and swimming like I should.  Somewhere in the middle of the run I made a mental decision that either I was going to have to start training harder or stop doing these races.  I know it was short, but sometimes the short ones hurt the worse if you give it all you got.  I gave it all I had except I didn't throw up (that's when you know you REALLY gave it your all).  I won't be walking really good for the next few days though.

The Murph said I was crabby yesterday before the race.  He says I have an evil twin that comes out during stressful times and PMS that he has named Corpus.  (he got my childhood stories screwed up to come up with that name... long story!)

My overall time was 4 minutes slower than the last time I did it, but the swim course was short back then so they say.  I was really disappointed with my run.  It's the ONLY thing I have been consistent with in training and I was over 2 minutes slower.  I guess my legs were worn out from the bike.  I did the 600 yd swim in 14 minutes (+/-),  the 18 mile bike in 56 minutes and the run in over 26 minutes.  I was 6 out of 42 in my age group.  Not too bad for somebody who hasn't trained properly.

The Murph was out there to cheer me on and take pictures. (yes, actual pictures, not videos!)  He says he is proud of me and he thinks I was the cutest one out there.  Ahhhhh..... That's all the counts!

Love you, Murph!
Getting ready at the start.  It was a little CHILLY!

Warming up!


Purple flag - Beware of jelly fish!

Me in bike to run transition
About to cross the finish line.  LOVE that feelling!


  1. 6 out of 42 is real good...You did good...

  2. i agree- 6 out of 42 is fantastic!

    i bet you'll continue doing the triathlons for a bit longer; it seems like you aren't finished with that chapter yet!

    i'm glad you didn't throw up. that must be embarrassing. i remember people quickly zipping out of The Spin Nazi's class...i was always afraid one day it would be me! haha (came close a few times.)

    great pics, murph! :)

  3. Thanks guys! I was just disappointed that I was 4 minutes slower than my 2009 race time. Thought I would be at least the same if not a little faster. I have a LONG way to go!