Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long Run

I struggled through a 15 mile run today and now my legs are in pain.  I still don't know why they get so sore after a long run.  They should be use to it by now you would think.  Despite my quads that started aching before I was even an hour into the run, the views were gorgeous.  The ocean was very calm today and the crowds from the weekend are gone.  It was a little overcast so I didn't get too hot.  It was a perfect day to do a long run.

The Running Nazi ran the Chicago Marathon Sunday and finished despite slipping on a banana peel and injuring herself.  She also said it was very hot and she got sick from too much gator aid.  She's tough!  She's done marathons where she had ulcers and kidney stones and still finished despite the pain.  Let me tell you it is painful to run a marathon even without ulcers and kidney stones!  I am so proud of her!  Congrats Running Nazi!

She was one of over 45,000 people that ran it this weekend.  Of course, I think the pregnant woman that gave birth 6 hours after she crossed the finish line kind of one upped the Nazi.  Sorry Nazi.

Awesome race!  Definitely one that is in my future.  Just wish I had registered before it filled up so I could have run with the Running Nazi.

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