Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Year A Princess, Today a Baby

Today I ran 13 miles with the Running Nazi.  She texts me last night to confirm our run since I backed out of the run Saturday morning and she backed out Sunday morning.  When she text me and said she wanted to run at 6:30 a.m., I text back that I was thinking more like 8 a.m.  I don't like running that early since there's no reason too.  I thought she wanted to run earlier so she could get it over in time to get to work so I was a little surprised when she texts back that 8 a.m. was fine.  Actually, this morning she texts me at 6 a.m. to say let's meet at 8:30 so we would miss the school traffic.  Yes!  That was even better for me!  An extra 30 minutes of sleep!

While stopping at our usual water stop, I asked her why she wanted to run at 6:30 since she didn't even have to work today and right out of the blue she called me a baby!  Not only did she call me a baby, but she made a sneering, baby voice when she said it.  "Oh, you're just a big baby!  You don't want to get up early or run in the cold or the rain.  Baby!  Baby!"  "Big Baby!"  Something told me at that point that she really didn't like waiting until 8:30 to run and maybe, just maybe she was a little bit bitter about all the times I've canceled on her at the last minute when it was raining or cold or freezing rain or the time I canceled when that tornado was coming through.  Nothing stops the Running Nazi.  Not rain nor sleet nor freezing cold nor kidney stones nor 104 degree fevers.  She'll get up at 4:30 a.m to run 20 miles by herself in an ice storm.  She ran a marathon while trying to pass a kidney stone.  She ran a different marathon that same year running a high fever.  (and she wonders why she got that kidney stone or those swollen lymph nodes!)

Actually, I was a little surprised.  Why just last year she considered me a Princess!  At least that's how she said I acted.  She said I had a "Princess personality" and she said I was lucky that I didn't have to work and could live at the beach part of the time.  She said "I wish I had your life.   The Life of Barbie!"  (only she inserted my real name there)  She also said the Murph had a Prince personality and that's why we might clash sometimes.  (did she really mean since we're both spoiled??)  When I told the Murph what she said he thought just the opposite.  He thinks it obviously means we were meant to be together!  Shouldn't a Princess always have a Prince?   Princes and Princesses go together, just like Ken and Barbie.  The Running Nazi didn't seem convinced.  At least she doesn't consider the Murph a baby, but she hasn't been around him as much, although she "chaperoned" my first date with him when I refused to go out unless she could come too.  I didn't know him and was being a little overly cautious although now he says I tried to grab his ass and he wasn't sure who the chaperone was for- him or me!

Now that's another story!

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