Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Missing My LV

Pictures are all I have left of my Louis Vuitton handbag that was stolen from my car last week.  I would love for the thugs to be caught.  I am now back to the pink Coach handbag I purchased two summers ago in Key West, Florida.  I love the handbag, but it just doesn't seem right carrying it around during the winter.  I gave my other Coach handbag to my sister-in-law when I got the LV bag.   It was the small, beige tote bag.

I went to Saks Fifth Avenue to look at replacing the LV handbag.  Actually, I thought maybe I would get an entirely different style.  Maybe something black or at least the darker brown ones.  I have seen some I like on the LV website, but I didn't really see any at Saks that I liked better than the one I had.  It was the Galliera shoulder bag.  It was huge and I loved it!  I had the wallet to match which was in the handbag when it was stolen.  While I loved the bigger size, I am thinking that smaller might be better.  I won't be able to stuff as much in it which is safer apparently!  I should probably just head to TJ Maxx and get one of those handbags.  That's where I use to buy all my handbags.  They were good for about 6 months before they fell apart and then it was easy to replace them.  And cheaper...


  1. Ooooooh did I say that???
    Phantom made me do it.....

  2. Walmart's a good place to buy fabric softener, toilet paper, household cleansers and school and office supplies. Purses? No, not so much.

  3. ann and barbie, lol!!!
    the one at saks is definitely smaller...i say go with that one. bigger isn't always better. ;)