Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas With The Family and Phantom "Out of His Frame"

Christmas was fun and now I can recover.   I enjoyed spending time with the family and the food turned out pretty good especially for a beginner.   I am slowly coming out of my sugar induced coma from all the pies and cookies I've been eating.  I feel like I have gained 10 pounds, but I don't know for sure because I am avoiding the scales until I get in a long run.  My mom, brother, sister in law, nephew and niece came over and the Murph and the Boy were here, as well as all the Jazz cats.

The Jazz cats immediately ran and hid in their favorite hiding spots as soon as everybody got here.  Cadence downstairs in the boys closet, Ed and Boo upstairs under the couch in their "room".   Phantom has been hanging out and sleeping in my closet.  That's where my brother found him.  My brother wouldn't bring his little dog, a Chihuahua that resembles a squirrel, over here because I am sure he is afraid Phantom will eat her.  I found my brother and his entire family standing at my closet door looking down at my very large black and white, naughty cat.  They couldn't believe how big Phantom is.  My sister in law asked me if that was his regular size or if he was fat.  I said he's just really big boned and very muscular and sturdy.  My brother pipes in that Phantom might be big and muscular, but he's way fat too and definitely "out of his frame".   He also says I 'm killing Phantom by feeding him too much.   Poor Phantom!  He's been on diets before, but never lost any weight.  He needs to be put on a treadmill for an hour everyday.  That's his only hope.  Personally, I still don't think he's that fat.  He's just big and maybe just a little, teeny, tiny bit "out of his frame".

The Boy even behaved and hung out with everybody instead of hiding behind his computer monitor.  It looks like command central down in his "apartment".  His dad gave him a server for Christmas/Hanukkah and I gave him a security appliance for Christmas (whatever that is) and he's been busy streaming media and setting up firewalls and god knows what else down in his area.  He has about 3 or 4 computers ( or pieces of)  and old refurbished laptops he has doing different things down there.  He's barely been back two weeks and already I'm having to dodge around dirty clothes piles and wade through trash, empty water bottles and food wrapper just to get to this command central he has set up.  It's all way over my head anyway, and I don't mean just the trash and dirty clothes.

Overall, it has been a very, very good Christmas.  I am so looking forward to the new year.  Hope it will be as blessed as this past year has been.
Boo loves his christmas toys!

Phantom's been naughty so he got coal....

Jazz cats getting along

A stocking standoff between Boo and Phantom

Our favorite tree 

Ed on his favorite chair playing with his christmas toy

Dining room decorated

The too tall Christmas tree

Phantom "out of his frame"

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