Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Treasures Or Just Plain Hoarding..

I was going through several boxes today trying to clean out things and consolidate and realized that maybe The Murph is right.... I'm a hoarder.  A border-line hoarder, not a full blown hoarder, but a hoarder just the same.  My hearts in the right place though.  I found everything from just about every postcard/card/letter ever sent to me while I was in college from my friends and family, including my grandmother who sent me a card every week with money inside to my old college id card.  I had the Playbill to the first Broadway play I ever attended, O Calcutta.  I have every report card I ever got from elementary school through college and an assortment of diaries from the 1970's and 80's with stupid stuff written inside them.  The Murph says I am officially a "nerd".  He also looked at some of my college pictures and noticed some "Madonna" similarities.  Very funny that he should notice.  I was all about Madonna when I was in college in the mid-eighties.  Yes, I was THAT person!

Now I have added all the cards I ever got from the Murph along with all my other "treasures".  I am sure he feels very honored now that his letters and cards are squeezed in a box next to my old diaries....


  1. so what will you do with all those treasures?
    i used to save every letter and card i'd ever received from a certain age onwards. and then...the big flood happened. :(
    can you scan them and toss the originals? i may do that with most of our photos.
    J collects old t-shirts and "treasures" from regattas. he officially has more clothes than i do!

  2. I am keeping most of them. I still have your's and Kelli's wedding invitations and letters and postcards from you including one from Pensacola Beach dated 1982. lol