Monday, December 12, 2011

Not A Good Day

Today has not been a very good day.  While at the gym this morning, somebody busted out my car window and grabbed my purse which I had hidden in the back seat.  I had put it under a jacket and my gym bag so whoever broke in must have seen me get out of the car.  Either that or he just saw the gym bag and decided something must be under it.  The gym bag and my jacket were left in the backseat and our cell phones were in the front undisturbed.  Only thing missing was my purse, wallet and everything else that was in the purse.  This happened in broad daylight, right in the front of the gym in the parking lot.  Crazy!  Hopefully, my insurance will cover most of the items that were taken and a new window for the car.  I will probably not get anything back.  I don't think police take that as top priority.  That's probably why thugs keeping breaking into cars around that area.  They know they will get away with it.  Why the gym doesn't have better security to protect their customers I'll never know.  I 'm not going to be a customer of theirs anymore that's for sure!


  1. that is terrible! is this the purse i'm thinking of? replacing all your legal stuff- license, cards- is a pain! it happened to me in pensacola once.
    i am amazed no one saw or heard glass being shattered. it makes quite a noise.
    thieves are getting very bold these days. there's a sign at our athletic club warning customers not to leave valuables in their cars, as they were getting broken into during the day.
    did you check w/ the gym to see if they have surveillance cameras?

  2. No surveillance cameras at the gym. I won't be back.

  3. :(
    i don't blame you for not going back.